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What is the nature of employment?

You are employed by TactiCall on an assignment to one of our clients. Your employment is on a casual basis and there is no guarantee of ongoing work.

How long is employment for?

Whilst there can be an indication of how long an assignment could run for, there can be no guarantees. The length of the assignment is generally determined by business needs.

How much do I get paid?

Generally, TactiCall Recruitment temporary staff are subject to the MA000002 – Clerks-Private Sector Award 2010. You can review this award at As a casual employee, you will be entitled to a 25 percent casual loading.

How much superannuation do I get?

You receive 9.5 percent on top of your hourly rate calculated on a weekly basis. This will be paid quarterly into your chosen account and reported on your weekly payslip.

Do I have leave entitlements?

As a casual employee, you are not entitled to any Annual Leave or Personal Leave accruals and/or payments. Instead, a 25 per cent loading is added to your wages/hourly rate.

How often do I get paid?

TactiCall runs a weekly payroll. A pay week is a Monday to a Sunday. Assuming a correct and authorised timesheet is received we guarantee pays in your bank account by 12.00pm midday Wednesday.  here are more specific times for submitting timesheets:

  • Timesheets received and authorised by 10am on a Monday will be processed the same day.

  • Timesheets received and authorised afer 10am Monday, but before 10am Tuesday will be processed on a Tuesday.

  • Timesheets received and authorised after 10am Tuesday will be processed in the following week's pay run.

What hours do I have to work?

The hours you work are dictated by business needs. A normal full-time temporary contract position is approximately 37.5 - 38hrs per week. We have a full range of positions from normal business hours Mon – Fri to a full rotating roster 24/7.  Hours and shifts are set and dictated by your host employer.

Unplanned Leave

If you are sick or have unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending your temporary position there is a two-step process to follow:

  1. Call TactiCall Recruitment 3831 6333 to advise. 

  2. Call your host employer to advise.