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Request a Quote

Request a Quote

To request a quote, fill in the quick form below and one of our specialist recruiters will be in touch to chat through your requirements.

In requesting a quote TactiCall will ask for information about your needs including:

  1. Are you looking to hire permanent or temporary staff?

  2. If temporary, what will be the approximate length of the assignment?

  3. Are the roles full-time or part-time and specifically what are the hours required for the position.

  4. Do you have a position description that you could forward to us? If not, we will ask open questions around the nature of the role and its desired outcomes. This may include targets, KPI’s, and even the culture of the team.

  5. We will ask questions about the complexity of the role specifically. This will help guide us to ensure we pay the staff members the correct rate to ensure the best fit for the role ensuring a longer-term retention strategy.

  6. If it is your first-time ordering staff with TactiCall we will request to come out onsite to get a feel for the environment. We believe in open and honest communication with our candidates as we look to achieve the best person best fit result for all parties.

  7. Once we have the information, we will formulate a quote that can be delivered to you via email or face to face.